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1. Is trampolining safe?
Your safety is our priority and you can read all about our safety features here. There is also a safety briefing online when booking and then played before you enter the park. 

2. Is it suitable for all ages?
The minimum age at Air Extreme is 18 months. 

3. Do you require any official paperwork?
Yes, all visitors need to fill out a waiver form before being allowed to jump. You can fill this in when booking online. For those under 18s, a parent or legal guardian must complete a waiver form. The waiver form is then kept on file and is valid for 12 months. 

4. Do parents or guardians need to accompany their kids?
We allow children aged 12 and over to jump without a parent or guardian present, as long as the waiver form has been filled in first (see 3, above). If you want to keep an eye on your children – but don’t want to jump – we have a viewing area and a café. Admission charge applies to jumpers only.

5. What clothes should I wear?
We recommend comfortable clothing – think shorts and a t-shirt, or a tracksuit. We recommend wearing a long sleeved t-shirt if you want to attempt the wall.

6. Can I wear my own socks if I prefer?
No, you will need to buy Air Extreme socks (cost £2.50), which are then yours to keep and reuse. Our socks have the extra grip to minimise friction and reduce the risk of injury.

7. I wear glasses – will this be a problem?
Glasses are permitted in the main jumping area. However, we recommend that jumpers remove them before they bounce, if at all possible.

8.  Do you have a weight limit for jumpers?
At Air Extreme the weight limit for using our trampolines is 17st 7lb or 111kg.

9. Is your venue accessible? 
Yes, there is wheelchair access to the building and to the Hangout Café on the first floor. There is disabled parking, plus a disabled loo on the ground floor. We don’t currently have the facilities to allow wheelchair-users to take part in jumping. For further info, do get in touch.

10. Do I need to book in advance?
Yes, we advise advance booking, as this lets you jump when you want. It’s a particularly good idea during weekends and holidays when we can sell out quickly. To check availability or make a booking, click BOOK NOW and don't forget booking the Early Bird will save you money.

11. How early do I need to arrive?
Get to us at least 30 minutes before your jump time. That gives you a chance to check in at reception and watch our safety briefing. If you miss the briefing or are late for your jump time, we cannot offer you a refund or an alternative jump session. 

12. Can I claim a refund if I change my mind?
Once a booking has been made or jump socks purchased, it is non-refundable and only transferable to another date or time under management discretion. 

13. When is Air Extreme busiest?
Our peak hours are on Friday evenings and at weekends. Peak hours also apply during school holidays and bank holidays.

14. Can I take a trampolining class?
Yes, for further details please email Please check our homepage and click on the tile Air Extreme Trampoline Academy


15. Are there lockers for valuables?
Air Extreme has a number of free lockers available on a first come, first served basis. Property is left entirely at the owner’s risk.

16. Where can I park?
Parking isn’t a problem at Air Extreme. We have a designated car parking facility, with space for 44 cars, as well as bike racks.

17. Where can I get wifi?
There is free wifi available in the Hangout Café.

18. Can I get Blue Card Discount?

Yes, please ask at reception and show a valid form of BC I.D 

19. Does Air Extreme Recycle?

Yes, we try our hardest to ensure all waste is recycled and that we protect the environment. We recycle from the paper we use to plastic bottles customers purchase, so when you next visit Air Extreme please help us by using the correct waste bins provided.

For questions about parties and group bookings, check out Air Party, Groups & Organisations, or Exclusive Air Time.

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